Nivel 5

Nivel 5. SCHOLAR No. de sesiones: 2 Fecha: 18 y 19 de junio 2021 Horario: 8:00 am – 12:00 pm No. de horas totales: 8 Modalidad: Online Costo: $4,200 MXN. ¿A quién va dirigido? Este curso está dirigido a… lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet […]

Level 4

register here level 4. master of agave spirits price: $3,300 usd WHAT DOES IT INCLUDE?A whole week in OaxacaPrivate transportation3 Mezcal producing areas COURSE SYLLABUS:1. Microbiology2. Chemistry3. Organoleptic seminar4. Service seminar5. History of Oaxaca6. Tour dedicated to art and galleries 7. Gastronomic workshop8. Cocktail workshop9. Visit to Monte Alban IMPARTED BY9 professors CERTIFICATIONTheorical and practical […]

Level 3

register here level 3. agave spirits advisor price: $750 usd WHAT DOES IT INCLUDE?16 hours of class28 Agave spirits (and Sotoles)Theoretical material and mapsTasting Grid COURSE SYLLABUS:1. Agave spirits in Mexico: Bacanora, Raicilla, Comiteco, Sotol, Tuxca, and Tequila.2. Agave distillates form around the world: Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, USA, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and India. […]

Level 1

register here level 1. Mezcal especialist price: $490 usd WHAT DOES IT INCLUDE?14 Mezcals to taste as SommelierTheoretical material and maps8 hours of classTasting Grid COURSE SYLLABUS1. Agave history, etymology, and diversity2. Appellation of origin (DO) categories and styles3. Appellation of origin (DO)4. History of Tequila5. 9 Stated with DO6. Tasting techniques and Professional analysis […]

Level 2

register here level 2. Mezcal SOMMELIER price: $490 usd WHAT DOES IT INCLUDE?: 14 Mezcals to taste as Sommelier Theoretical material and maps 8 hours of class Tasting Grid COURSE SYLLABUS:: 1. History of Oaxaca 2. Wild Agaves from Oaxaca: four regions, their geography, climate, and terroir 3. Biodiversity and reforestation 4. Tasting and analysis […]